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Fotoausstellung Weitblicke

Fotografien von Amra Memic, Weitblicke is a LINE IN exhibition

Fotoausstellung im AU
Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Wien

Vernissage: 02.12.2017, 21 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer und Öffnungszeiten:
02.12.2017 - 16.12.2017; Mo - So, 15 Uhr bis 2 Uhr

Eintritt frei.

Zum Projekt

Weitblicke is the exibition with the aim of showing us that the look beyond the box is steadily of a great importance. Through the elements of nature that offer the “wide- views in its narrowest sense to some extraordinary situations which have been held, up to quite fancy almost crazy manner of achieving the “wide-viewnes”

Timelessly long time ago, people were becoming more and more self-contained from the rest of the nature of which they are a part of) and coming together in ghettos according to personal insights and prejudices without the ability to look beyond the box.

They have been judging about everything that is different too prematurely without even ever having taken a a chance to overcome their own fear by education tolerance and available information about the “outside world” from their point of view.

Thus, still making them divisible and vulnerable because of the inner dissimilation disturbs and yes, even destroys all other relationship a mankind needs, thus ending in a dissatisfaction, despair und frustration.

Therefore Weitblicke shall bring closer the beauty of the nature and bond of the people wide beyond the borders, where possibly they are different habits and conventions of society but ultimately we are all human beings.


OFF-FESTIVAL Vienna 2017

Das off-festival vienna wurde auf Initiative des Hauses der Fotografie ins Leben gerufen, steht unter einem bestimmten Thema und findet jährlich im November statt. Das offene Festival für Fotografie steht dabei für einen offenen Diskurs und eine öffentliche Auseinandersetzung mit den unterschiedlichsten Erscheinungsformen und Strömungen in der Fotografie der Gegenwart.

Programm off-festival 2017