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Photoexhibition INFRARED, Photo: Stefan Hutter

Photoexhibition at PhotoQuarter Vienna
Schlössl Kino, Margaretenstraße 127, 1050 Vienna

Friday, 08.09.2017, 19 Uhr

Opening Hours:
11.09. till 21.09.2017
Monday to Thursday 4 – 6 PM

Admission free.

More than 20 photographers show their take on infrared photography in the exhibition „INFRARED“ at the House of Photography Vienna. This shows with how much enthusiasm an increasing number of photographers also advance into special areas of photography, such as the photographic representation of heat radiation. However different the motifs and the approach of the photographers may be, all the photographs are united by the fairy-like or surreal character which the received infrared radiation lends to the images. Many photographs look as if they were taken by moonlight and take the visitors of the exhibition on a journey into an unknown, surreal country. Welcome to the Land of Dreams!

Photographers: 0640am, Birgit Gölß, Christian Vyhnalek, Christine EsslbauerDirk Zabel, Florian Resch, Franz Svoboda, Gerhard Gleitsmann, Helmut Ebner, Josef Bollwein, Karin Bauer, Karin Sumetzberger, Markus Hippmann, Martin Zigler, Michael Bachhofer, Michael Zwenig, Paul Delpani, Romana Gleitsmann, Stefan Hutter, Tanja Knorke, Thomas Steinbichler, Wolfgang Simlinger, Wolfgang Sperl

OFF-FESTIVAL Vienna 2017

The off-festival vienna was initiated of the House of Photography to life, is under a particular topic and is held annually in November. The open Festival of Photography stands for an open discussion and a public confrontation with the diverse manifestations and trends in contemporary photography.

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