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Photography by foodartists, Petra Schmidt and Saša Asanović, NAMEit

Photography by foodartists, Petra Schmidt and Saša Asanović 

Photography Exhibition at the Foodstudio der food artists
Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel 43-45/ Top 1a, 1120 Vienna, former chocolate factory

Opening: Thursday, 03.11.2016, 7pm

Open Studio Day: 08.11.2016 the artists will take photos from 2 - 7pm

Opening Hours:  04.11. - 11.12.2016; 
Tuesday to Thursday 2 - 7pm

Admission free.

NAMEit vienna / austria

A photoseries of culinary dianoetic see it – check it – name it

NAMEit is an art project and at the same time a heartfelt wish the photographers work on in their spare time. NAMEit is exciting, mysterious, enjoyable and makes you want more…as well as sustainable, since it preserves traditional recipes from vanishing all along.

NAMEit creates a completely new picture language in the field of food photography. Like the name of the project suggests, the concept is to be able and recognize the meal at least at third glance. The design and styling represents today’s modern upscale gastronomy, which, since molecular gastronomy has become mainstream and with that the importance of aesthetics and visual presentation has risen, has become incredibly exciting.

Every plate has become a piece of art. Forms, textures and aggregate states have to bewitch eyes and mouth simultaneously. Often one question stays until the last bite: “What am I eating there?”

That’s the subject of the series NAMEit.

The following criteria differs NAMEit from the usual food photography and because of that make it a unique and tasty artwork:

  • The meal reveals itself at third glace 
  • The presentation compares to modern, upscale gastronomy
  • The composition and styling are real and are not photoshopped

The photographers want to pass on the culinary knowledge to the generations to come. To name a meal you have to know it. What we eat and how we prepare our food is a tradition and knowledge  to make a healthy lifestyle possible. NAMEit wants to awake and promote the awareness of different food cultures.

Food artists

Photographer Petra Schmidt and food stylist Saša Asanović work successfully as food artist team since 2009. More than 30 national and international clients trust them in all areas from food photography to commercial film. No surprise, since in 2010 as well as 2011 they were the only Austrian finalists at the foodphoto festival in Tarragona, Spain.

Petra Schmidt

works and lives in Vienna. Her area of expertise is food photography.

Whenever she takes pictures she looks for a subtle mix between aroma, the harmony of textures and the nuances of feelings. She works with a great combination of inspiration, technique, precision and improvisation. Her recipe? A good portion aesthetics, a pinch of bravery, mixed with creativity and curiosity.

Saša Asanović

„Food styling is far more than caring about cooking and styling. I am a freelance food stylist for 10 years and know that it takes great food styling to make smells, temperature and taste visible.”

“Diversity, creativity and innovation in multiple culinary areas are the ingredients to my job.”