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Open Call Pinhole, Foto: Markus Hippmann

The House of Photography Vienna is inviting all interested photographers to participate in the Open Call #PINHOLE by submitting photos for the exhibition.

You can submit all photographs that deal with the subject #NATURE in content and which are taken with a pinhole camera. You can submit your photos until Monday, 08.04.2019.

A selection of the most interesting submitted photographs will be available to see on Sunday, 28.04.2019 by the opening of the photography exhibition "Nature - Pinhole Photography" at the FotoQuarter Vienna.

A one time application fee of € 15, - per photographer accompanies all submissions of photos for the photography exhibition "Impression - Pinhole Photography".


Please send us a maximum of 10 photos in digital form by Friday, 09.04.201

All applications must be sent via file sharing (e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.) to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All photographs must have a minimum size/resolution of 20 x 30 cm / 300pdi

all photograph/file names should be formatted as follows: firstname-lastname-number e.g. Max-Mustermann-01, Max-Mustermann-02 …

Your application must include:  your full name, date of birth, city of residence, image titles, suggested size for the printed image and year of production of all photographsThe application fee (€15,-) is to be paid at the same time as submitting the application to the following bank account (belonging to the administering accompany of the House of Photography). The submitted exhibition project can only be processed after receipt of the registration fee. The application fee cannot be refunded if the submitted photographs are not selected for exhibition.

Administering Company:
Weiterbildungsinstitut Wien Service GmbH 
Bank Austria
IBAN: AT29 1200 0513 0029 7501
Purpose: "Open Call PINHOLE 2018"

We will inform you whether one or more of your photographs have been selected for the photography exhibition "Nature - Pinhole Photography" after the submission deadline.  At the same time you will also receive all further information regarding the printing and processing of the photographs for the exhibition. The printing costs and any transport costs to Vienna for the selected images and the return transport after the exhibition must be borne and organised by the photographer.

The opening of the Exhibition "Nature - Pinhole Photography” will take place on Sunday, 28.04.2019 at 8pm in the PhotoQuarter Vienna in the former Schlössl-Kino, Margaretenstraße 127, 1050 Wien.