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Photography from Katrine Stokholm

Photography Exhibition in the Gallery PhotoSecession
Gallery PhotoSecession, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Wien

Opening: Friday, 25th April.2014, from 8pm

Opening Hours: 28th April - 5th May 2014
Monday to Thursday: 4 - 6pm

Admission free.

The exhibited project “The Gänsehäufel – an open air pool in Vienna”, a series of images captured throughout the year from the Danish photographer Katrine Stokholm, displays photographic impressions from the most traditional public outdoor swimming pool in Vienna. Curiosity functions as a driving force in the production of the photographs – curiosity for change, for the metamorphosis from a crowded summer resort to a wintery urban landscape. The melancholy, which surrounds the resort in winter, is also evident in summer, and the photographer searches out and captures this feeling in her seasonal juxtapositions.

The exhibited works were produced in 2012/13 as part of her studies at the Photoschool Vienna. The photographer Katrine Stokholm (b. 1971) lives and works in Copenhagen.