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Photography from Ira Alaeva

Photography Exhibition in the Gallery PhotoSecession
Gallery PhotoSecession, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Wien

Opening: Friday, 16th May 2014, from 8pm

Opening Hours: 19th - 28th May 2014
Monday to Thursday: 4 - 6pm

Admission free.

Photography from Ira Alaeva
The Series “Night Scaffolding” is devoted to a subject which has rarely found its way before the photographic lens until now. The Russian photographer Ira Alaeva portrays the high seats, perches and huts used for hunting typical to the cultural landscape of countries such as Germany and Austria. Through her portrayal she presents to us the uniqueness and beauty of these architectural structures. At the same time the intense spot light also reveals to us a mysterious and sinister side to these scaffolding seats. Despite this these purpose built structures seem to be trusted constructions.

The typological presentation of the series takes on ideas from the period of "New Objectivity". In contrast to classical photographic works from this time, the photographer Ira Alaeva works with color photography. Through which she manages to convey the emotional value of the objects represented in a special way, and thereby the eye of the viewer is opened up to an abundance of opportunities for discovery.