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Decision of the Jury – off festival vienna 2016

The decision of the jury of the off-festival vienna 2016 has now been established. The top three exhibition projects are:

1. NOW! Photography of the Presence – Group exhibition
2. NAMEit - Photography by foodartists, Petra Schmidt and Saša Asanović
3. am are is - Photography by Heinz Innerhofer

The Jurymembers are:
Gerhard Hinterleitner (Austria, Managing Director cyberlab)
Susanne Gamauf-Wais (Austria, Part of a collective at the Fotogalerie Wien)
Dusan Kochol (Slovakia, Director off-festival Bratislava)
Roberto Muffoletto (USA, Director VASA, Online-Galerie)

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DISBANDED, Photography by Markus Hippmann

Photography by Markus Hippmann

Photography Exhibition in the Gallery PhotoSecession
Gallery PhotoSecession, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Vienna

Opening: Friday, 18.11.2016, 8pm

Opening Hours: 19. - 30.11.2016; Monday to Wednesday 4 - 6pm

Admission free.

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Photography by Paul Delpani, YOUR POSITION ON SEXISM,

Photography by Paul Delpani

Photography Exhibition at Atelier /r/!
Böckhgasse 2-4, entrance Längenfeldgasse, 1120 Vienna

Opening: Wednesday, 09.11.2016, 7pm

Opening Hours: 10. - 28.11.2016,
Monday and Wednesday 5:30 - 7pm, or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Admission free.



Photography by foodartists, Petra Schmidt and Saša Asanović , NAMEit

Photography by foodartists, Petra Schmidt and Saša Asanović 

Photography Exhibition at the Foodstudio der food artists
Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel 43-45/ Top 1a, 1120 Vienna, former chocolate factory

Opening: Thursday, 03.11.2016, 7pm

Open Studio Day: 08.11.2016 the artists will take photos from 2 - 7pm

Opening Hours:  04.11. - 11.12.2016; 
Tuesday to Thursday 2 - 7pm

Admission free.

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Photography by Heinz Innerhofer, am are is

Photography by Heinz Innerhofer

Photography Exhibition at ZEBRA, Zentrum für Klassische und Moderne Fotografie
Burggasse 46, 1070 Wien

Opening: Saturday, 22.10.2016, 6 PM

Opening Hours: 23.10. - 15.11.2016; Monday to Thursday 9am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 5:30pm, Friday 9am - 2:30pm

Admission free.

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OPEN CALL off-festival Vienna 2018

Photo: Eszter Kondor

The off-festival vienna 2018 will open on Friday, 02.11.2018 with the photography exhibition “CONTEMPORARY”

This is why the House of Photography Vienna is inviting all interested photographers to participate in the open call by submitting photos for the exhibition opening!

You can submit all photographs that deal with the subject “CONTEMPORARY”. You can submit your photos until Friday, 21.09.2018