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Applications for the off-festival vienna can be submitted until Monday, 08.10.2018. All photographers who have a finished photo project as well as an exhibition space in Vienna in which the photo project can be shown publicly are eligible to apply to take part in the festival. The photography exhibition must take place during the off-festival vienna from Friday 02.11. to Sunday 16.12.2018. A registration fee of €25,-/solo exhibitions and €50,-/group exhibitions should be paid upon submission of the application to off-festival vienna.

The following documents must be submitted for participation in the off-festival vienna:

  • A completed and signed application form (for group exhibitions this should be done by one of the exhibiting photographers)
  • Project description (max. 1 A4 page) as well as an artistic/photographic statement no longer than one sentence
  • CV of the photographer (for group exhibitions we require a CV from every participating photographer)
  • In total 3 example photos from the photography project. These must be print quality in jpg format (300 dpi, shortest side 20 cm = 2362 pxl), files must be named as follows: Nachname_Vorname_Titel.jpg
  • Photo credits (Surname, First name, image title, year of production, exhibited format, incl. printing process, planned method of installation (if available))


The application documents should be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • digital via fileshare (, Dropbox) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    with the subject line "off-festival vienna 2018"
  • on a cd-rom via Post to:
    Haus der Fotografie Wien, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Wien,
    Subject: "off-festival vienna 2018"


Deadline: Monday, 08.10.2018


The registration fee (€ 25,-/€ 50,-) is to be paid at the same time as submitting the application to the following bank account (belonging to the administering accompany of the House of Photography). The submitted exhibition project can only be processed and included in the off festival vienna programme after receipt of the registration fee.

Administering Company:
Weiterbildungsinstitut Wien Service GmbH
Bank Austria
Sort code: 12.000
Account number: 51 300 297 501
IBAN: AT29 1200 0513 0029 7501
Purpose: "off-festival vienna 2018"

The participating photographers expressly declare that he/she is the sole author of the exhibited works and holds a written agreement regarding personal rights from all persons depicted. Thereby he/she confirms that none of the exhibits infringe any privacy rights and in this respect protect the House of Photography and its administering company from any damages and/or claims.

The participating photographers agree that the submitted photographs and texts can be published and reproduced free of charge by the House of photography and its administering organization in all forms of publicity in relation to the off-festival vienna 2018 (in particular for the website, newsletter, facebook, e-mail advertising, flyers, other print forms, and similar.)

The House of Photography Vienna reserves the right to exclude photo projects with anti-democratic, violent or discriminatory content from participating in the off festival vienna without giving further reasons.


The off festival vienna will award a EUR 1.000, - prize to the best photo project shown as part of the off festival vienna. This will be selected from all participating photographers. A jury made up of experts from the world of photography will select and award the most impressive exhibited photo project at the end of the off festival vienna. The jury's decision will be based upon subjective criteria. There is no right of appeal. If the selected photography project is a group exhibition and several photographers are involved, the prize money is to be divided equally per person amongst all participating photographers. The jury’s decision will be announced at the end of the off-festival vienna.

Download: Application form