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The decision of the jury of the off-festival vienna 2016 has now been established. The top three exhibition projects are:

1. NOW! Photography of the Presence – Group exhibition
2. NAMEit - Photography by foodartists, Petra Schmidt and Saša Asanović
3. am are is - Photography by Heinz Innerhofer

The Jurymembers are:
Gerhard Hinterleitner (Austria, Managing Director cyberlab)
Susanne Gamauf-Wais (Austria, Part of a collective at the Fotogalerie Wien)
Dusan Kochol (Slovakia, Director off-festival Bratislava)
Roberto Muffoletto (USA, Director VASA, Online-Galerie)

We congratulate the winners! The award ceremony of the off-festival will take place at the PhotoQuarter Vienna during the vernissage of the upcoming photo exhibition "SPORT" on Friday, 24.03.2017.