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Photoexhibition at PhotoQuarter Vienna

Schlössl Kino, Margaretenstraße 127, 1050 Wien

Opening: Friday, 29.05.2015 at 7 PM

Opening Hours: 01.06. till 11.06.2015

Monday to Thursday 4 – 6 PM (except for 04.06.)

Admission free. 

The Photoexhibition “(E)motion!” is, with the works of photographers from Austria and around, the fifth part of an exhibition series about the origin of Photography. This year’s subject: Motion and Emotion! Inspired by the beginnings of optical reproduction the participants deal intensely with pinhole photography and reach, through the pinhole technique, a nearly painted looking reproduction auf dissolved forms as well as moving and not moving moments in their surroundings.

Photographers: Anna Beskova, Bärbel Tomasi, Bernhard Schindler, Christina Passegger, Doris Brandner, Elisa Gold, Franziska Schrempf-Ölmark, Hana Blahovà, Hermann Schindler, Ida Räther, Julia Jenewein, Karin Sumetzberger, Karl Nikowitz, Markus Hippmann, Marta Djourina, Martina Unterleithner, Pepa Georgieva, Peter Urban, Ritchy Pobaschnig, Sabine Schwarz, Stefan Schindler, Svetlana & Martin Svemart, Tanja Dirlewanger, Tanja Knorke, Thomas Steinbichler, Waltraud Frese, Wolfgang Simlinger, Wolfgang Sperl, Zana Simić