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Photoexhibition IMPRESSION, Photo: Lorenza Cancian

Photoexhibition about pinhole photography
at PhotoQuarter Vienna
Schlössl Kino, Margaretenstraße 127, 1050 Vienna

Sunday, 29.04.2018, 7 PM

Opening Hours:
30.04. till 16.04.2018 (except 01.05.2018)
Monday to Wednesday 4 – 6 PM

Admission free.

A photo goes through the eye of a needle. 

A photo goes through the eye of a needle easier than a camel. Pinhole photography embodies this as the images are photographed through a pin hole. The exhibition “Impression” and the accompanying catalogue show just how many interesting photographs have been taken through a hole made by a pin. But why are photographers attracted to using this original and simple form of photography? Is it the use of simplistic artistic means in an “arte povera” sense? Is it the painted effect of the photographic „impressions“ delivered by the pinhole camera? Or maybe the schematic style and the art of suggestion, that continuously attracts more photographers to using pinhole photography as a form of artistic expression? These questions can be answered best by visiting the exhibition and/or looking at the exhibition catalogue.

Collect impressions and build yourself an image of the pictures that went through the eye of a needle. 

Photographers: Agnes Nebehay, Annette Meyer, Claudia Heinze, Ernst Bachinger, Florian Resch, Franziska Schrempf-Ölmark, Helmut Mandl, Hildegard Maier, Karin Czermak, Karl Nikowitz, Katharina Neuwirth, Lorenza Cancian, Lothar Ponhold, Marc Wilwert, Mariana Perrone, Marko Umicevic, Markus Hippmann, Martin Zigler, Michaela Vondruska, Oliver Frohner und Ingmar Vinzenz, Paul Delpani, Paul Fröhlich, Peter Leskovar, Regina Cserna, Sebastian Wotruba, Yasmin Szaraniec, Zoltan Vass