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Photography from Merle Seedorf

Photography Exhibition in the Gallery PhotoSecession

Gallery PhotoSecession, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Wien

Opening: Friday, 27th September 2013, 8pm

Opening Hours: 30th September - 10th October 2013
Monday to Thursday: 4 pm-6 pm
Admission free

Photography from Merle Seedorf
First you throw a coin in, then you turn a handle and finally a small gumball falls out the bottom. This simple mechanism of a gumball machine has brought so much joy to so many generations of children.

Photographer Merle Seedorf is taking you on a trip down memory lane with her photography project ‘WHAT COMES OUT’. These machines are time capsules that reawaken childhood memories.

Some gumball machines have been hung so long at bus stops and on the sides of buildings that we barely even see them nowadays. Seedorf journeys around Vienna and Berlin exploring the cities and looking for these unobtrusive small objects whilst capturing them with her camera.

These gumball machines almost go unnoticed in the city landscape, however when you start looking you often find them hung in the most unlikely and surprising places. The gumball machines have been hung stationary in the same places for sometimes 40 or 50 years whilst the world around them has moved on and changed. These sweet childhood toys now find themselves positioned in unexpected places, such as next to nightclubs or brothels. In addition the photographer found that the surfaces around the gumball machines were often sites for ‘Street Art’.

The series of photographs ‘WHAT COMES OUT’ by Merle Seedorf depicts all the colours and textures of our changing modern lifestyles whilst also reminds us of some happy childhood memories.

About the photographer
Merle Seedorf born 1988 currently lives and works in Vienna. Originally from the Hamburg region in Germany she studied and graduated from the Multimedia course at the PhotoSchool Vienna 2012/13.