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Photography from Marjan Krebelj

Photography Exhibition in the Gallery PhotoSecession
Gallery PhotoSecession, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Wien

Opening: Friday 18th October 2013, 8pm

Opening Hours: 21st - 31st October 2013
Monday to Thursday: 4pm - 6pm

Admission free.

Dear Japan is a photography series inspired by traditional Japanese prints and ink blots such as those made by Hiroshige and Hokusai as well as even earlier examples. These old Japanese inkblots have a special contemplation, almost Zen-like quality. Using the tools of modern photography Marjan Krebelj achieves similarly beautiful, meditative results. Each photograph opens up a pathway to an intimate spiritual experience. Almost like Haiku, Krebelj’s photography reads like poetry.

About the photographer
Having graduated from an education in architecture Marjan Krebelj now works in the various domains of visual expression, his strongest affiliation however is with photography and graphic design. He also occasionally explores moving images, video or spatial installations. Marjan Krebelj’s photographic training consists of years of practice within photojournalism, in addition to recent work and study in various fields of fine art and conceptual photography. He is currently working as a teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, as well as undertaking freelance projects as both a photographer and as a designer.

Marjan Krebelj, Ljubljana
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